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Gear pump(gear oil pump) is horizontal rotary pump. Working pressure is generated by the two mutually
meshinggears. This pump is suitable for conveying a variety of liquid lubrication.E.g.: Crude oil,diesel oil,lubricants,oil-type liquid. Copper gear can be used for transportation of low flash point liquid.E.g.:Gasoline,benzene. Stainless steel type is suitable for weak corrosive liquid and beverage. Normally temperature of liquid should not be over 70. High temperature material can resist liquid with temperature 300.

BB,BBG Inner cycloid gear pump
Capacity range: 4-125L/min
Pressure range: 2.45Mpa
Caliber range: 20-25mm
Power range: 0.55-7.5kw
Max medium temperature: 70
Material: Cast iron, Stainless steel

Application: Crude oil,diesel oil,lubricants,oil-type liquid.
Structure principle:
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